Cancer Sucks?

by rhodeschiro on May 11, 2010

“Cancer Sucks”?? When the first cancer czar was appointed in the 1980’s, 1 in 8 americans was expected to get cancer. Now its 1 in 2 or 3. How we doin’ with that cancer war?
Cancer is not what you have been lead to believe. We all make stupid cells and when our body works right they get taken out. The ONLY cure for anything(mind you, no “disease” IS a thing, its a lack of something-NOT a semantic difference), the ONLY cure is normal function of the body. So far, the only health care professionals/doctors that I have heard speak about how to make that happen are chiropractors. Health is NOT the absence of disease, disease is the absence of normal function. Normal function has one fundamental cause-the expression of life energy in the body. See? No life, no function, reduced life, reduced function:looks like disease-which it ain’t. How to reduce function-interfere with the nervous system/tweak the spine out of alignment and…presto! Less neurological connection, less life expression, less fun. Until “medicine” catches up with this reality people will contine to die, suffer, spend and cry needlessly. The paradigm has shifted, baby, catch the wheel.

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