Classes & Lectures

Most of the classes and lectures are in house although Dr. Rhodes is always available to speak to your local groups, organizations, and schools.  Or why not host your very own Chiropractic Party!!!  Contact us for more information.

You can also download our Events Calendar 2016

Fast Track to Health

The Greater Good

Love Your Back Class

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Occipital Drop Seminar

Core Ideas

One Big Idea: 3 Simple Strategies for a BETTER Life

The Law of Attraction
P1000361Fast Track to Health

Family and Friends of Practice Members Welcomed.

  • Get WELL, Stay WELL.  Save $$$ and Maybe Your LIFE.
  • How can you live pass 100?
  • How can you improve the quality of your life?
  • Get the Fast Track to a Better, Healthier YOU!!!

Love Your Back Class

For all new patients and regular practice members.

  • Interesting and important particulars about your very own backbone!
  • Why does it look the way it does?
  • Why is it the most important part of your skeleton?
  • How can you keep your back happy for a lifetime?
  • What does your spine do all day? Why it matters.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

For new patients and regular practice members.

  • We make our habits and then they make us!
  • Learn easy ways to keep your health improving.
  • Learn to gently ease yourself into habits you can truly live with.

Occipital Drop Seminar

Ever wonder what George is doing waving his thumbs during an adjustment?

  • How will the Occipital Drop help me approach life with confidence?
  • This hands-on workshop will open new vistas!

For more information on Occipital Drop

Core Beliefs

What we believe at Rhodes Chiropractic.

  • Simple truths that can transform the way you see health, life and your future.
  • Not to be missed! Great way to catch up on the “new stuff”.

Ella glassesOne Big Idea-3 Simple Strategies for a BETTER Life

    • Do you want to be able to DO MORE?
    • Do you want to be able to BE MORE?
    • Be Part of the Growing Movement to Get MORE out of YOUR LIFE.


The Law of Attraction

A new and exciting look at how your healthy spine and nervous system can help you to achieve your desires in life. “The Secret” is about manifesting your reality via your imagination. But they left out something incredibly important. Find out what it is!

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