Core Beliefs of Rhodes Chiropractic

by rhodeschiro on April 4, 2011

1. You are more than your body.

Your life energy is what makes your body go and your body is just a vehicle for the expression of life energy. “You” are not your body; you are an intelligent energy field causing your body to be animated and alive. In other words, life is not a chemical phenomenon. When you are dead you have the same chemistry, but nothing happens: you don’t digest food, you don’t grow, you don’t breathe, and your heart doesn’t beat. So, when you are alive, it is because of life energy and not chemistry.

2.  Everything is the universe is continually changing, including your body.

Your body is always in the process of becoming weaker or stronger.

3. The level of health is the direct result of the degree of life energy expressed in your body.

Maximizing your life expression, then, automatically results in better health and more. A good way to visualize this is to imagine that your body has a dimmer switch, where the brightest setting means that you are expressing full life energy. Most people lose faith when they realize that their bodies have enough life energy to heal a little cut, but not enough to heal cancer. To re-establish faith, you have to understand that it is not the body doing the healing but the expression of life energy. So the question then is: if my dimmer switch is down, how can I turn it back up again so that I have more energy?

4. The three things you need to maximize life energy and keep you growing healthier and stronger are a deliberate positive mental focus, a healthy life style and a clear connection between your brain and your body.

  • A deliberate positive mental focus: The way to cultivate this is to observe your thoughts and only think about what you want to see.  Think about it with feeling; get excited about what you want to see in the world.
  • Healthy lifestyle habits: You have to eat foods that will nourish the cells and give them the material energy they need to grow. Another great habit is spending time in nature and being in the energy field of living things that are functioning well.
  • A clear neurological connection between the brain and the body: It is necessary to ensure that the brain remains aware of what each cell is doing and that the cells are properly reporting their status back to the brain. If the cells aren’t following the brain’s orders, your body starts to break down.

5. A correctly aligned and functioning spine is necessary to maintain the integrity of the nerve system.

A spine that works the way it is designed to work moves when you move and maintains proper tone and tension on the nerve system. This allows the maximized life expression of the body.

Chiropractic care is about adjusting the spine because it houses the nerve system, which is the conduit of life energy. It is the connection between the physical body and the non-physical body. We live our lives through the nerve system. Everything we do, think or say goes through the nerve system. That’s why, of all the body systems, it has got the most protection around it. That’s why the cells of the nerve system are the first to differentiate in the embryo. That’s why when you are brain dead, you are all dead!


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