How Does Chiropractic Cause Better Health?

by rhodeschiro on April 19, 2011

To fully answer this question, we first need to define health and then discuss how the expression of life energy (what chiropractors call innate intelligence) affects your health. I am then going to describe how subluxation impacts the expression of life energy and tie it all together by explaining how chiropractic care works to maximize this expression.

Chiropractors define health as normal function and the ability to adapt constructively to most of the stresses you face each day. Stress is anything that causes your body to change and since the body is always changing, the net outcome at the end of the day is that all your cells are either a little more organized or a little less organized. So, if they are working in a more and more organized fashion, you are more whole so you naturally deal better with stress.

So how do you get stronger or more whole? You have to have nerve system integrity, which is just another way of saying that the brain and the cells have to be connected properly through the nerve system so that the brain can monitor the cells, monitor the environment and direct the cells to respond in an intelligent way.

But, for all this to happen, the nerve system has to be…alive. We are alive because we have innate intelligence or life energy. This energy is present in every living thing and it is what differentiates living matter from non-living matter. Both forms of matter are organized by some kind of intelligence in the universe, but there is a subset of this intelligence you can call innate intelligence or life energy that is present in every living thing. Being alive, then, is not a chemical phenomenon; it’s a function of the life energy that’s expressing itself into your body.

So how does subluxation affect the expression of life energy? Subluxation literally means less life energy. Subluxation occurs on two major levels. In the physical realm, subluxation means that the vertebrae have lost their normal alignment to the degree that they impinge upon spinal nerves. This causes accelerated aging locally in the spine and globally in the body. In the metaphysical realm, it literally means less light. Because life energy holds the body together, when there is less of it, the body breaks apart. You become less able to adapt constructively to stress. Body functions start to break down and eventually we start to see symptoms and diseases. Diseases are not entities; they are simply specific cell, tissue, organ and system derangements caused by subluxation/lack of life.

So where does chiropractic fit into the story? Well, when the body experiences an overwhelming amount of stress, the spinal column stops moving properly or subluxates. Spinal or vertebral subluxation is a serious health problem that only chiropractors are properly trained and licensed to address. Chiropractic care is about getting the spine moving properly again to allow the nerve system to work better. A better working nerve system expresses more life energy and it tells all the cells what their responsibilities are to each other. A properly functioning nerve system allows you to adapt better and better to stress, so that you get stronger and healthier every day, every week, every month, every year and throughout the rest of your life.

Ultimately, chiropractic is about allowing more life energy to show up in your body, which is a major and indespensible cause of better health!


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Dustin Dowd July 7, 2011 at 12:04 pm

Hello all…
I’ve been seeing George now for about six visits. I’ve had tennis elbow for a full year and a half, and what seems to be a pinched nerve in my spine thats caused the lack of circulation to both my peroneal nerves in my lower legs for about 8 months. I was basically bed ridden for 4 months. At first I thought it was shin splints and oh, this’ll go away.. Then my ankles and feet were getting so cold I went to see an orthopedic surgeon. After waiting weeks between appointments, an EMG an finally a bone scan they determined it wasn’t shin splints, but “possibally” a pinched nerve, or what could be Maynards Disease.. Which instantly filled me with anxiety and ? I am and always have been a healthy guy never sick or showing any signs of disease ?! So I began an intensive process of trying everything, every kind of remedy known to man; foam rollers, yoga, chi gong, acupuncture, breathing techniques, meditation, numerous ice and heat treatments, a raw food diet, even fasting and internal cleansing. Well all of it helped a little in its own way, but then upon my last resort from a recommendation of a friend, I went to go see George. Instead of George looking at my problems as “Individual problems”. He got me into realizing it’s the harmony of the whole body functioning together as one, and then body has the intelligence to heal itself. Well my energy improved and not even realizing it, I’ve slowly started to become more active. Walking all day, with better posture, with hardly any pain. Even other functions started improving like my vision and hearing seemed to get better. So from what I can attest to so far, the adjustments seem to have helped relieve my nervous system, helping the healing process of my “Whole body”, not just the parts and pieces…

I guess we’re a lot like machines and houses in some ways, we need a good foundation for all the wires and pipes to flow properly. I maintenance my car and it just sits there, my body runs all day and now I’ve found something of a service station.. Some yoga, a good diet, an adjustment, and I’m good to go. Vroooom…

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