Here are some IMPORTANT DEFINITIONS for you to have. Please familiarize yourself with them. Our work together will be based on the concepts and terms described here.

1. LIFE ENERGY (a.k.a. Innate Intelligence, Life Force)
The Energy that is present in living things and absent in non-living things. Words cannot adequately describe Life Energy but its presence can be observed and measured.

The natural result of adequate expression of Life Energy in your body. NORMAL FUNCTION and the ability to successfully adapt to the AVERAGE stresses you encounter in your life. Health is balance, harmony, EASE.

Any LOSS of your NATURAL STATE of health/EASE as the result of any decrease in the expression of Life Energy in your body.

A state of decreased Life Energy in your body. It most commonly occurs due to misalignment or dysfunction of your spine. It is due to a PARTIAL LOSS of the neurological connection between your brain and your body. Subluxation results in the progressive loss of your expression of Life Energy in your body and your natural state of EASE. (called Dis-Ease)

Any behavior or function Life Energy causes in your body in order to restore or maintain your natural state of EASE.

The ability to handle GREATER THAN AVERAGE stresses in your life and to actually GROW STRONGER from some of these in order to continually move towards wholeness. Wellness is also an ATTITUDE of gratitude, positive expectancy and trust. It results from higher levels of expression of your Life Energy than needed to just get through the day. Wellness allows you to give to the day.

Complete integration of your body, mind and spirit so that you are expressing your true purpose and full potential in every area of your life. It is the natural result of FULLY expressing your Life Energy in your body.

Any movement on the “health continuum” towards wholeness. Healing occurs as you progressively increase the expression of your Life Energy in your body. It is a PROCESS that takes time and requires your active participation.

A gentle and specific impulse given with the intention of restoring spinal alignment and function to re-establish the neurological CONNECTION between You and your body. This restores the NORMAL flow of Life Energy in your body so you can resume healing. This state of complete connection is called being CLEAR. Our goal is not only for you to get clear, but also to consistently LIVE clear!

The philosophy, art and science of restoring and maintaining the neurological connections within your body in order to maximize your expression of health and life.

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