The Four Phases of Care

The Four Phases of Chiropractic Care

This describes the four phases of your chiropractic care at Rhodes Family Chiropractic.  Remember, our goal is to maintain your spinal alignment and function so that you maintain a clear neurological connection.  Brain stays connected to cells and brain remains connected to source of Life Energy.

You are ALWAYS moving in one direction of the other…

Expression of Life Energy

Weaker/Dying      <<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>       Stronger/Growing

Symptoms                 Feeling Better                Healing Better

Dead            Dis-ease              Ease/Health         Wellness         Wholeness

Three things are necessary to keep you growing stronger and move consistently toward wholeness

v    A Deliberate and Positive Focus

v    A Healthy Lifestyle

v    A Clear Neurological CONNECTION

Phase One:


The process begins with frequent adjustments to get your spine moving better and to reestablish neurological connections. When your body is functioning normally, there are generally no adverse symptoms.  We must first slow, stop and reverse the momentum, which has been pulling you away from wholeness, health and ease.  It’s like stopping a runaway train!

v    Visit Frequency: Daily or Every Other Day until you have two “clear” (no adjustment needed) visits in a row.

v    Duration: Depends on you.  Lifestyle habits, age, general condition and many other factors determine how long you will be in the rescue phase of care.  Generally 1-3 months is enough to “turn the boat around”.

As this phase ends, we have turned the momentum towards wholeness!

Phase Two:


As your connections have grown stronger, you are now able to adapt better to your daily stress load.  Some healing is taking place but much of your newfound expression of Life Energy is directed to adaptation to stress. Spinal structures are beginning to stabilize but are not yet near maximum strength and endurance.  You are steadily moving in the right direction, getting stronger and healthier every day!  The train is back on track and beginning to move forward.

v    Visit Frequency:  Every 3-4 days. .  We have to make sure you are able to muster enough Life Energy to adapt to the stresses you face in a normal workweek.

v    Duration: Depends on your circumstances. (usually 1-3 months)

When you achieve 2 “clear” visits in a row, you will graduate to phase three of chiropractic care.

Phase Three:


Your consistency in receiving specific chiropractic adjustments and increasing practice of healthy lifestyle habits have graduated you to a higher level of Life Energy expression.  With this “extra” energy, your body can continue to adapt to daily stresses but can also do some deep healing!  Decayed physical structures,(sprained spinal joints) and inefficient neurological habit patterns can now be addressed more thoroughly by your built-in amazing healing powers.  In this phase you can work through old “battle scars”.  Maybe feel better than you ever thought possible!  The train gains momentum!

v    Visit Frequency: Generally once a week.

v    Duration:  Depends on your circumstances, new healthy habits, regularity with adjustments, etc.

Phase Four:


Congratulations! Wellness to Wholeness care truly begins now!  Much healing has taken place on many levels.  You adapt well to most daily stresses and even bigger stresses don’t throw you off so much.  Ample energy has been available to repair many old wounds while carrying out other natural functions with greater efficiency.  Your spine is more supple, and maintains proper tension on your nervous system allowing your connections to grow even stronger.  Now, your higher brain centers have the power to really “flex their muscles” as you spend more time in GROWTH mode rather than survival mode.  You are beginning to live the life of your dreams on a higher level than ever before because you are maximizing the expression of your Life Energy!  The train sprouts wings and becomes a plane!

v    Visit Frequency: Once a week or less.  Your body will let us know.

v    Duration:  As long as you want to keep growing stronger and healthier every day!

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