What Does My Life Energy Do?

Your Intelligent and Organizing Life Energy is like the conductor of a symphony. It controls and coordinates the trillions of cells in your body so they work harmoniously together for a common purpose. Have you ever wondered if there might be certain things that take priority over others when it comes to your health? Which is more urgent; digesting a meal, healing a cut, or forming a memory? If the amount of energy available to you each day were infinite, there would be no need for your Innate Intelligence to prioritize what it gives energy to. But, just like your monthly budget, the amount of energy available to you each day is limited. Doesn’t it make sense then that your Innate Intelligence always makes sure that the most crucial functions receive Life Energy first?

Here is our current understanding of how your Innate Intelligence delegates your Life Energy:

Priority #1: Animation
We’re not talking about cartoons here; we’re talking about being alive. The very first priority is to make sure you are alive – that you SURVIVE! No energy is given to any other functions until this is assured.

Priority #2: Coordination
This is the difference between what you hear during the warm-up of a symphony and the actual concert. It allows the different parts of your body to work harmoniously together toward a common purpose. Coordination is simply another way of saying NORMAL FUNCTION.

Priority #3: Adaptation
Once your body is functioning normally, extra energy is used to adapt to all of the physical, chemical, and emotional stresses you face each day. The more fully you express your Life Energy, the more easily your body can resist, adapt to and integrate these stresses without breaking down.

Priority #4: Repair
Once your body is handling the stresses it is facing, Life energy is given to repair any damage that has occurred. Since every day parts of your body are breaking down, it is also important to have the resources available to rebuild and repair every day. This is more than resistance; this is resilience!

Priority #5: Growth
The final use of your Life Energy is for advancing and growing. Growth is something that occurs in many aspects. When young, growth is mainly physical as you get taller and stronger, and as your brain develops new pathways. As you enter into adulthood, growth becomes primarily mental, emotional, and spiritual.

When you look at these priorities for the use of your Life Energy, where do you see yourself? Are you functioning normally with ease? Are you handling the stresses you face each day? Are you resilient and growing? You can see that it is of the utmost importance to maximize the expression of your Life Energy in your body to get the most out of life! Three things are necessary to keep moving steadily toward health, wellness and wholeness:

  1. A Deliberate and Positive Focus – This creates positive, healing biochemistry in your body.
  2. A Healthy Lifestyle – It is crucial to continually provide your body with the raw materials it needs.
  3. A Clear Neurological Connection between your brain and body– This makes sure all of your cells are working together to create harmony, maximizing the expression of your Life Energy and your health!

Making sure your spine is properly aligned and functioning through regular chiropractic care will help you and your family maintain clear neurological connections and maximize the expression of your Life Energy. This will allow you to move consistently toward the full expression of health and life!

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