First Step

Imagine where you want to be.  Go..Do..What have you?
Find out where you are.
And help you…
Move towards your desired outcome.

How will we do this?
Your entire personal health history is stored in your body.  Nerves record your every action, thought, trauma, every experience!  We use a variety of chiropractic procedures to assess the effects of stress on your body.  Bones and muscles harbor tension sometimes for years before it can be released, if ever.  Information you wish to share about your life’s traumas and successes can help us to see how we got to where we are.  State of the art computerized nerve scans let us know just how much you life stresses have effected your master control system.

Because your health and healing depend heavily on your nerve system’s ability to control and coordinate all your functions we must consider the condition of your spinal column.  Any column gives support.  Shark column, weak support.  But our backbone also functions as a marvelous tuner of your nervous system.  See, like the strings of a fine violin, precision tuning of each string, or nerve in your body, produces the most clear and pleasing tones.  When you are in tune, you are healthy!  When your spine loses alignment or function, imagine the state of health that can result from improper nerve tone.  Specific attention to the position and mobility of all 24 vertebrae and the rest of your skeleton, gives us a clear view of what needs to be addressed.

Chiropractic adjustments work to restore and maintain alignment and function of your spine and nerve system and continually improve your health and good feeling because being clear allows your life energy to be expressed better!  Every adjustment clears nerve connections which allows your cells, tissues, organs, glands, muscles, bones …everything to be controlled and monitored by your brain to a higher degree than before. They naturally, automatically become better coordinated. What’s more, as your brain continually gathers information about the world and processes it to create mental impulses to drive new processes in your body you will create, from within you, positive adaptative changes to your environment.  In other words, you adapt to stress better.  Less bad effects of stress, more joy!

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