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What is Subluxation?

by rhodeschiro on May 20, 2011

Imagine a patient walks in to the chiropractor’s office and says to the doctor, “I threw my back out. I don’t know if it’s a bone out of place, a pinched nerve or a muscle strain.” In the past, I worked as a trash collector in Cherry Hill for nine months and I have seen […]


What is Life Energy?

by rhodeschiro on April 12, 2011

On a very basic level, life energy is the energy that is present in living things and absent from nonliving things. Bodily functions occur because life energy drives those processes, not because of interactions between the chemicals that compose it. A light bulb provides a good analogy. We can study all the parts of the […]


Why your child deserves chiropractic checkups

by rhodeschiro on March 16, 2010

We all want healthy, happy, vibrant kids. You probably visit your pediatrician to help ensure this. They weigh your child, measure height, and listen to their heart and so on. Maybe they’ll give shots to help nature’s perfect immune system. Remember when the umbilical stump healed? That happened because of the expression of life force. […]