The “Too Much Information” Age

by rhodeschiro on June 11, 2010

The amount of information we can find about anything keeps on increasing at astounding rates.  A while back, it was said that the amount of information we receive will double every 35 days.  Well, holy cow, how do we keep up with even one topic of interest?

Suppose you had a health concern and wanted to find out about your “condition.”  You could go online and find piles of information, professional and otherwise, stories from people with similar situations, medical advice, alternative medical advice, and on and on.  So many conflicting opinions.  And we have begun to lose faith in our news sources, the government, big businesses…

Frustrating?  Could be.  Or it could be a great way for us to get in touch with the source of all information.  Inside.  We really do have all the answers inside and maybe the overwhelming amount of DATA can drive us to look within.

How do we trust the inner wisdom?  Practice.  Little things first, then bigger things.

Also, a clear nerve system allows you to trust that the inner voice is “speaking “ clearly.

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