What is Life Energy?

On a very basic level, life energy is the energy that is present in living things and absent from nonliving things. Bodily functions occur because life energy drives those processes, not because of interactions between the chemicals that compose it.

A light bulb provides a good analogy. We can study all the parts of the light bulb, but we can’t really understand how it works until we add in the energy that makes the bulb light up. Just as there are dimmer switches for light bulbs, there is a dimmer switch for our life energy.

The dimmer switch in our body is the backbone. Life energy enters, accesses or communicates with the body over the nerve system, a big part of which is housed in the spinal column. So if the spine isn’t functioning properly, if stress has caused it lose its normal alignment or function, it’s going to put stress or strain on the nerve system and some of the life energy isn’t going to get through to tissues and the body will begin to break apart.

Life energy isn’t just a metaphysical or mystical concept. It also has a scientific basis. In the 1980s, Robert Becker, one of the first scientists to talk about this concept, wrote a book called The Body Electric. He was trying to discover why salamanders and frogs can grow their limbs back while humans can’t. He found that the energy fields of the animals were enabling them to grow their parts back.  At present, humans don’t do it probably because our field isn’t big or strong enough relative to our size. Or that something is blocking the expression of the field into the body.

Other scientists have also talked about energy fields and magnets are a great illustration of that. If you’ve ever played with a pair of magnets, you can feel the electromagnetic forces pushing and pulling depending on how you’ve positioned the magnets. If you cover them with a piece of paper and throw a handful of iron filings on them, the particles will align themselves according to the shape of the field.  So if we change the field, we change the arrangement of the particles.

Western medicine works with the parts without respect to the power that aligns them. Is this why medicine has become the leading cause of preventable death in America? 780,000 deaths occur each year because of the mistaken belief that we can change the parts more effectively than the inborn intelligent field which causes their natural, normal function.

So, how does chiropractic work in this whole thing? Chiropractors have always known that if a spinal bone is misaligned it interferes with the function of nerves and the body can not going to work normally. Our sole purpose as chiropracTORs is to help move the bones into proper alignment so that normal function can be restored. The “structural” techniques work really well. And, chiropractic practice is evolving. Today, with “tonal” techniques, we can access the energetic field of the body to find out precisely what the body needs to perform better. We can work with the intelligent field, allowing the body to adjust itself in the right place, time and sequence for the most efficient return to health and beyond.  Tonal adjustments are very gentle, comfortable and powerful and cause realignment without “cracking” the spine (BTW, it’s just air, it can’t hurt you).

The importance of this field in the healing process cannot be underestimated. Albert Einstein said “the field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” In chiropractic, that translates to “change the field, change the body.”  When you receive chiropractic care, you reconnect with your life energy field and let it express itself better through your body, which ultimately causes you to heal and evolve.

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