What Is the First Thing You Need to Know About Chiropractic?

by rhodeschiro on March 29, 2011

The first thing you need to know is that everything in the universe, including your body, is always changing. Thousands of things happen in every cell of your body at every moment and at the end of the day, the body is either working a little better or a little worse. In other words, your body is a little stronger or a little weaker every single day.

In order for the body to get stronger consistently, the brain has to communicate clearly with all the cells in the body. Think of it this way: the cells are like musicians in an orchestra before a concert. While each member is very talented in her particular instrument, collectively they just produce a bunch of noise until the conductor steps in, taps the baton and starts the performance. In controlling the pace, pitch, volume and other aspects of each instrument, the conductor orchestrates all the different parts of the score to make a beautiful symphony. In our body, the brain acts like the conductor.

The brain’s purpose is not just to think, but also to monitor every single cell in the body all the time. The brain listens to the body and tells it what to do next. It also perceives the environment constantly so that it can tell the cells how to best adapt to the environment every second of the day. In order to get stronger, we need a clear connection between the brain and the cells.

Now you know the relationship between the brain and the cells. But how do they actually talk to each other? Through the nerve system. When the integrity of the nerve system is sound, communication is clear.

The main part of the nerve system lives inside the backbone and this is the starting point for chiropractic care. If the spine is in proper alignment and moves the way it is supposed to, it sets the proper tone or the proper amount of the mechanical tension on the nerve system. The nerve system is just like a guitar string because if it’s in tune, it plays properly. The nerve system is also sensitive to the right pressure and a properly aligned spine always sets the right tension on the nerve system. The end result is that the brain and the cells establish a clear connection, your body continually heals and you adapt to stress well.

But if stress overwhelms the system, the nerve system gets confused and puts the wrong amount of tension on muscles, which then pull the spine out of place. The spine gets stuck, further impeding the function of the nerve system and creating a disconnect between the brain and the cells. The body stops working perfectly.

Over time, you can start to accumulate more and more cells that stop “listening” to the brain. Eventually, you get to the stage where you might start to feel symptoms. If the symptoms persist and you get a diagnosis from an allopathic doctor, then you have dignified this lack of normalcy with a name. Anybody who has ever raised an animal knows that once you name it, you’ve got it for life. You’re not going to eat it! It’s the same with disease; it’s not good to get too attached to it.

From the chiropractic perspective, you didn’t get a disease. Your system simply lacks organization. Your cells aren’t working the way they are supposed to because stress is preventing your brain from properly conducting the score. Instead of treating the symptoms, a chiropractor aims to get the brain and body talking again and they use a lot of different methods. Through chiropractic spine adjustment, we can repair the lines of communication between your brain and cells, which kickstarts your body’s healing process.

That’s what chiropractic care is all about! It’s not about your back. It’s not about your pain. It’s about your life.

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