Why your child deserves chiropractic checkups

by rhodeschiro on March 16, 2010

We all want healthy, happy, vibrant kids.

You probably visit your pediatrician to help ensure this. They weigh your child, measure height, and listen to their heart and so on. Maybe they’ll give shots to help nature’s perfect immune system.

Remember when the umbilical stump healed? That happened because of the expression of life force. Every cut, scrape, bruise and rash heals because of this all powerful life energy within every living thing. We are amazing aren’t we?

The thing is, this life power is not either all on or all off. There is a dimmer switch. We get sick or don’t, heal and grow right when the power is lowered.

This innate intelligence flows over nerves to every cell of our bodies to stir them ever toward wellness and wholeness. Unless stress causes a neurological short circuit. The “dimmed-light” state called “subluxation” happens when stresses knock the backbone out of whack. Even a little tiny bit.

Our biggest stresses happen in life’s transitions, right? What bigger stress has your child experienced than being born?
See? Children deserve to be their inner best. Chiropractic can help ensure that legacy like nothing else can.

Be smart, make the call.

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