Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Drink more water. Every one of your living systems requires water to properly perform its duties. Many health problems have “dryroots”. Make water your “go-to drink”.

Breathe on Purpose. Every now and then, each and everyday, breathe on purpose, in and out, you’ll be healthier that way. Three conscious deep breaths can calm you down or pick you up. That’s inspiration!

Eat right, eat light. Eat fresh feel fresh. Food builds, food fuels, food satisfies.

Move it or lose it. Sixty percent of your amazing body is made for motion. Take nature’s hint. Move everyday. Be fit!

Rest. Sleep. Nap. Seven to nine hours works best for most people and a short nap in the middle of the day will recharge your
computer. Your body does the most healing while asleep.

Play. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Lighten up and have FUN.

Cultivate love in your relationships. Cherish the time you spend with friends and loved ones and honor the spark of life in everyone.

Be of service. Strive to know your mission and purpose in life and REMEMBER the value of your work to others and yourself.

Personal growth. “When we’re green we grow, when we’re ripe we rot!” Try new things, follow your interests.

Be with nature. Nature sings the best songs; spend time to get in tune.

Laugh out loud. Even a forced laugh creates positive physiology, which improves your mood. “Laughter is the only good medicine”.-G

Hygiene. Be clean. Take care of what you have – Mind, Body, Spirit and Possessions.

Balance. Maintain balance in all the areas of your life! Live CLEAR. See your chiropractor regularly!

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