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Our Technique

The overarching philosophy of this practice is that your body works better without nerve interference. Vertebral subluxation is the major cause of nerve interference; therefore, the focus of our practice. While the philosophy does not change, its technical application does. Dr. Rhodes has invested much time and effort in pursuing his natural interest in understanding the nonphysical aspects of subluxation. This new insight allows us to pull the deepest roots of the weeds in your garden.



Traditional muscle palpation and other criteria to locate and analyze vertebral subluxations. Dynamic thrust adjustments to reduce vertebral subluxations.


While studying the Koren Specific Technique (KST), the occipital drop* (OD) analysis became a critical tool to investigate the deeper aspects of the character, origin, and unique ways to resolve subluxation. The doctor's creative improvisational approach to adjusting has yielded results previously beyond reach. 

The result of any chiropractic adjustment is that your body has more life energy with which to work. It is life itself that does the healing. Our product is aliveness. 

*See our videos, readings, and blog to learn more about the occipital drop. 

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