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Are you disconnected?

At my 11th Koren Specific Technique (KST) Seminar I became aware of a phenomenon called Disconnection.

It’s kind of a big deal because correcting Disconnection allows the brain to be more aware of the body. This allows for deeper and more complete healing.

How does Disconnection happen? Imagine you go to the beauty parlor and at first the smell isn’t quite unpleasant. But you want your hair done, so you endure. Soon, your brain tunes out the noxious odors. When trauma happens, your body orchestrates healing. If something interrupts the process (ice, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain killers, etc.), your brain may tune out that part of the body. The cells and tissues are still alive but are not available for complete healing. It’s not the same as subluxation. It’s a different phenomenon. The disconnected regions have some utility, but healing cannot be completed.

Until now. In a few minutes we can reconnect your whole body to your brain. This allows for deeper, more complete healing. Which is great! Getting reconnected is a huge step in your chiropractic care. It presents deeper layers of subluxation that now become accessible for you and the doctor to address. That means deeper, more complete healing. It means more of your innate life energy can be expressed through your body. It means your health and wellness can increase. You get more of the good stuff life has to offer.

The process of healing after reconnection can be interesting. Imagine you lived in a house for many years. You took good care to maintain it; regular cleanings, paint, repairs, etc. Then one day you happen to notice a door you hadn’t seen before. You open it, and behold, another room, untouched for years! Perhaps it needs some heavy dusting and it’s fully habitable. Maybe it has dust, a roof leak, black mold and a family of raccoons living in the closet. You could expect a period of remodeling, then a whole lot more living space. It’s a delayed healing process because the trauma happened long ago. You may experience symptoms of the original trauma. You may feel more tired than usual and out of sorts for a bit. Relax, your body is taking stock and making repairs. Expect to come out of it soon and be at a higher level of healthy function than before. Some people feel lighter and more energetic right away. Some don’t notice much change at all. We’re all different.

The road to better health may have some potholes. Stay focused on your goals and enjoy the ride.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the reconnection process, please get in touch! (215) 546-1977 or

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