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Weight Loss Subluxation

Where to begin. I practice chiropractic using the KST protocol. Basically it means asking the body what’s out of order, and how may I best coax it into working better. More correctly, I’m asking the intelligent life energy field of the body what needs attention that day. When the business of life, which is dealing with stress, gets to be more than be handled, the nerve system gets overwhelmed and things begin to lock up in the spine. The resultant nerve interference undermines every aspect of one’s life experience.

So, one day while checking in with a practice member, we got to talking about their inability to lose weight and keep it off. I immediately thought, is there a “pattern” for that. In other words, was there a particular unadapted stress stuck in the nervous system that was causing the body to have the wrong idea about what normal weight should be. I asked the body if thyroid was the cause. Nope. I got a yes for pituitary gland, both lobes. A stress was lodged there because of an emotional trauma, startled, at age four years, three months. The person remembered having had a nightmare and went to her mother’s room in the middle of the night. Her mom sat up suddenly in such a way as to break her arm. I imagine they were both pretty startled! That moment caused an imprint that didn’t self-resolve. Perhaps it led to a protective shell of extra weight. A particular set of points on the body were addressed to produce a chiropractic adjustment specific to the unresolved stress from that unfortunate event. Now we wait and see what happens.

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