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This is a Chiropractic Story!

Once upon a time two half cells got together in a flash of light, for real, and became you. A one celled organism. The next thing you know, you are divided into two cells. Identical stem cells. Then four, then eight, and so on. On the 18th day of your actual life something extraordinary happened. It’s called differentiation, that’s when the first specialized cells came into existence. These cells were to be the forerunners of information handlers. They would be part of a vast network so extensive and pervasive that even if you took away all the other specialized cells which would have come along later, you would still look like you. Their job would be to sense the outer and inner worlds of the environment and your body, and process the information in your brain which would command the cells, tissues, organs and systems of your body to perform functions so as to adapt you to the perceived world. You live your life through this nervous system.

If you cut your finger, you might be instructed to wash the wound, apply an antibiotic and then a band aid. In a week or so when the bandage comes off you have new skin. You healed. Let’s say you were to cut the finger of a dead person. You wash it out, apply a germ killer and a bandaid. What’s the result of your medical attention a week or so later? A smelly, rotting dead body. With a cut finger. Seriously consider for a moment this question. It could literally save your life. What’s doing the healing? The soap and water? The antibacterial ointment? Did the bandaid somehow create new cells? Did the body heal itself? Many think the body heals itself but this simply isn’t so. See, there are two bodies in this story but only the living one has the ability to heal itself. The same natural, all knowing, power that builds bodies is the only thing that can rebuild or heal them.

You are more than just your body. You are born with a so-called innate intelligence, a subset of the universal intelligence which is in all matter, and which continually gives to it its properties and actions, thus maintaining matter in existence. Innate intelligence performs its duties to maintain your physical body in a state of active organization, which is a way of saying that your body always strives to grow, heal and evolve due to the presence of this intelligent life force. Innate intelligence has nothing to do with how smart you are but it does use the brain as it’s organ of expression. The brain, you remember, processes information gathered by the sensory portions of the nervous system, and does so to command functions with which to adapt your body to the world. Dead brains don’t do that, only ones vivified by the innate intelligence of the body. This intelligence utilizes forces to act upon matter. People may refer to a life force but it is more properly considered to be an intelligent life force. It’s important to make this distinction because our educated intelligence is finite and limited, while innate intelligence is all-knowing and unlimited. Most people weren’t taught this simple truth but many have sensed it. Life would be grand and glorious if the great innate were allowed to perform its duties unfettered and unencumbered. But that’s not how the game of life works. Innate may be stopped in its tracks. That’s not good. What could block the complete expression of innate intelligence?

The word stress has been appropriated by the folks who study bodies, health, and disease. It was first an engineering term to characterize the application or introduction of some kind of information via force to a material. Whenever forces, delivering information, encounter non living materials such as your house or car or shoes, what happens to them over time? They wear out. Universal forces with information, or stresses, cause physical objects to revert to their simpler atomic states. This is the law of entropy.

When physical, chemical or mental/emotional stresses are applied to a living thing, something else tends to happen. There is an uptick in the level of organization. Food becomes fuel and building material, oxygen is traded for carbon dioxide, and so on. This is due to the expression of innate intelligence in our bodies over the nervous system which controls and coordinates every cell to unified function in response to the ever present stress of our lives. This is the business of living things, to turn stress into success. Innate intelligence literally transmutes destructive forces into constructive ones. That is the law of life. This simple truth, this marvel of nature, lies just beyond the grasp of scientific inquiry. Conventional approaches may not fully appreciate its significance, and therefore plow ahead with increasingly complex technological advances grounded in a foundation of sand.

When your body is presented with more stress than you can handle at the moment, it gets stored away for later processing. Like a third cheeseburger. This clogs the system. Your nervous system becomes less able to deliver messages and some of the power of life itself. Eventually as big or little unadapted events build up, the spine itself loses control of its delicately balanced self positioning mechanisms designed to maintain proper tension on the central nervous system. We creatures with backbones have very high end nervous systems which allow us to adapt to an extraordinarily wide range of environmental circumstances. Our nerves, however, must be tuned to very exacting frequencies to achieve optimal function. The vertebral column plays a major role in this responsibility. When stress overload occurs to a sufficient degree, vertebral subluxation happens. Spinal bones can become misaligned, lose proper mobility, impinge upon spinal nerves, and cause nerve interference and damage, and the body parts in the zones of devitalized nerves cannot deliver normal function. Yet vertebral subluxation has no symptoms. Not at first. Gradual diminution of normal natural function may be hardly noticed. Dis-ease presents no clues to the casual observer. But as damage from underpowered tissues accumulates, things begin to go downhill in little ways. Then in big ways. Symptoms come, and then go, and come again, and maybe don’t go. And what are we taught to do? Get used to it? Take a drug? An herb? Something the educated mind thinks will bring the body back to perfect balance; without perhaps considering that the internal control mechanisms driven by an inborn wisdom may have been derailed?

Let’s look at a different way to reverse the degenerative processes which result from carrying too much unadapted stress.

Detection and correction of this subtle, yet powerful, assault on life, vertebral subluxation, may be performed in a variety of ways. But they must be specific to achieve maximum efficiency and effect. Philosophical certainty as to why increasing vitality makes more sense than trying to treat the symptomatic effect of its decrease, is critical. The science of analysis of subluxation gives certainty to the art ultimately performed in the delivery of the adjustive thrust, the force intended to initiate the manifestation of a chiropractic adjustment. Every chiropractic adjustment improves brain function, therefore increases overall healthy function. Over time, the body repairs or replaces damaged tissues as layers of unadapted stress are peeled away to reveal a more vibrant, strong, healthy being. Mental states of being can normalize, spiritual growth is fostered, good genes turn on and bad ones are silenced. The individualized portion of the all that is, that which you are, becomes more whole, more connected within the self and therefore more able to assume it’s naturally interdependent place in the body of humankind. And the multitudes received chiropractic care, and they lived happily ever after.

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