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Chiropractic is NOT Medicine!

Medicine endeavors to fix the problem with the person, chiropractic endeavors to fix the person with the problem.

Chiropractic is not a branch, trunk, root or leaf of medicine. Chiropractic is a different way of understanding health and disease. Allopathic medicine literally means”against disease”, as if there is an entity to be vanquished. Chiropractic does not exist to eliminate pain nor fight or cure disease. While it's true that Chiropractic care seems to do this, it’s happening for a more subtle profound reason. No doctor can cure another person. It just doesn’t work that way. Emergency medicine is fantastic for keeping one from dying from life’s most difficult emergent circumstances. But building healthy people is not medicine’s strong suit. It’’s biggest error is it’s premise that an entity can be battled or removed to produce health. In order to understand this heresy, one must bear in mind how their living body came into being. Once two half-cells combined materials and forces at the moment of conception, you became you! In about 280 days, unguided by any external force or intellectual wisdom, your baby body had built itself. The innate intelligence of your body responsible for this amazing feat does not leave once you are born. This infinitely intelligent life force is received by the brain and enlivens every tissue of the body so as to animate your molecules to a united purpose and produce constructive adaptive changes in response to the ever present stressful forces of the rest of nature. Whew! The miracle of life is that it defies the law of entropy. Non- living matter degrades over time yet we grow, heal, reproduce and evolve due to the presence of our non- corporeal self an ever present innate life force. But…

Big but, your physical body has a finite time with which it can be of service to the infinite spirit which has come to this three dimensional reality to feel emotions and sensations not possible without this physical matrix. Our bodies are just too small to express the bigness of the source. Chiropractic is about more than the physical body. Chiropractic’s founder, DD Palmer opined “the ultimate purpose of the chiropractic adjustment is to reunite man the physical with man the spiritual so that the finite may know itself as the infinite”. Sounds like the opposite of subluxation (less light) , just may be enlightenment. When the stresses of life are too great to be immediately processed by the body for constructive purposes, they are stored in the tissues to be addressed later. This is a nice feature which allows for a second chance to garner the lesson of each life experience. However, the storage fee is costly. A chiropractic subluxation looks like a bone out of line with its neighbors to the extent that nerve interference and damage ensue. This fundamental corruption of one’s bodily integrity causes a state of dis- ease, a dimming of one’s inner light. This invites unwanted aberrations of perception, and dysfunctional responses to stress. You get sick and hurt. How, one might ask, can a limited educated mind know exactly the way to rebuild broken chemical cascades and tissue responses? The answer is incompletely and ineffectually. Treating symptoms brings unwanted effects and rarely provides the means to rectify the underlying cause of the malady; a body that can’t comprehend itself or environment. Perhaps the erroneous premise of allopathic care as a means to produce healthy function is the primary reason that medicine has become one of the leading causes of preventable death in this country. Yes, medical technology can keep the flame from going out, but it has nothing to grow the flame brighter. Well, chiropractic solves this riddle by embracing a new concept in healing. Find and fix the cause of dis-ease, subluxations, and let the innate intelligence of the body get back to work. Chiropractic care is not another way to do the same thing, it’s a different thing that is done to allow normalcy to return naturally, automatically.

There is a time and a place for everything. When it comes to getting better instead of deader every day; chiropractic first, medicine second, surgery last.

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