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Hiding and Healing

What do I mean by healing and hiding?

Let’s say you’ve had a traumatic injury. There is tissue damage that the brain is aware of instantly and it initiates the healing process. Chemical cascades begin to flow, inflammation helps immobilize certain things while facilitating the delivery of other things needed for tissue repair. You get the idea, a lot of stuff is happening. Naturally all of the steps your body takes to right itself are observed and controlled by your nervous system. There is perfection in every aspect of your magnificent body. One aspect of that perfection is the vertebral subluxation. When incoming stress is too great, subluxation can happen. It’s kind of like how a circuit breaker in your house prevents your electrical appliances from burning up. Here’s the thing, if you don’t reset the circuit breaker, you can’t use the appliances and maybe the food in the fridge goes bad. So when the injury happened it’s likely that subluxation happened too. That’s causing it’s own damage and preventing your brain from completely comprehending the new trauma. It’s pretty likely that there was some degree of nerve interference before the trauma, as well. Either way, when there is subluxation causing nerve interference there can not be complete healing of the injury. You may recall the story of the cut finger. If I cut my finger it heals, if I cut the finger of a dead guy it doesn’t heal. The question arises, ”what does the healing”, and the answer is life itself. Because subluxation impairs the very system that expresses the intelligent forces of life itself, the production of normal healthy living tissue is reduced. Nerves clogged with undigested stress simply can’t flow the vital stuff of healing. Oftentimes there is sufficient healing that it feels ok and seems to function well. That’s pretty common. But the unhealed tissues and the uncorrected subluxations over time will afford the opportunity for the unhealed parts to become more noticeable than the healed parts. It starts to hurt again. That kind of looks like an old injury, something that’s thought of as normal and to be endured. That doesn’t have to be true. As long as you live, healing is possible. We can choose everyday to do things to get better, or deader. That’s another story. Other times the hiding part of the injury can appear to remain dormant until such time when chiropractic care may be initiated to address some other concern. With the increased ability of the innate intelligence of the body to heal the body, the old stuff gets a second chance to complete its healing as well. This may cause a long gone symptom that was hiding to reappear. Those issues usually resolve very quickly and indicate that a deep healing is taking place. That’s known as retracing. But that’s another story.

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