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My Thoughts at 5am

Germs everywhere and I’m still alive. I’m so lucky!

It must be luck because a lifetime of exercise, real food, 45 years of weekly nerve system balancing to transmute stress into growth, and other disciplines to honor my creator in thanks of the gift of my life, couldn’t possibly maintain me in a state of active organization for so long. As Dr. Boyd stated in the introduction to his classic text on pathological deviations from normal adaptative responses to the environment, “It’s amazing that a harp with so many strings can stay in tune so long”. Spoken like a true mechanist. That’s someone with the view that our bodies are machines. That these machines are imperfect and destined to break down, piece by piece. Also, that we are given minds to understand how the machine works so that we may possess enough knowledge to be the noble tinkers of the body in unending efforts to ease the suffering of our untuned harps. But the mechanistic view, based in the Newtonian breakthrough that gave rise to the notion that the role of science is to “tease out the secrets of Mother Nature so that we may control and dominate her”, has a fatal flaw. Pun intended. We didn’t build the machine. Our creator did. Not with ever growing but ultimately limited mental capacity. Rather we are created by an unlimited infinite intelligence. And He provides an individualized portion of himself to be present in every living thing. This innate intelligence is complete in its wisdom and knowledge of how to receive the impingements of the world with the grace to cause constructive change of that living thing. This is the Law of Life. It transcends scientific inquiry with what some call a leap of faith. To the scientific mind, a leaping human will fall back to earth. But a leap of awareness may bring one to higher ground.

The Vitalistic view of living things recognizes that there is more to us than a fortunate accumulation of happenstances of which we are the product. An innate intelligence gives rise to innate forces which continually direct the molecular activities of a living thing to greater order. You may know this as healing. Or homeostasis. Or adaptation. It is simply normal behavior of a body expressing its due portion of life itself. Once innate intelligence leaves the body, it becomes apparent that the bodily functions for a unified purpose begin to reverse. We are not machines. We are living machines. The power and wisdom of life are expressed, are brought to bear on our material bodies, but communicating with, and acting as the controlling agent of our nervous system. Brain dead is dead dead. But the expression of life is not an all or none phenomenon. Because nerves are delicate little things, they are easily traumatized. You all know the chiropractic story or should. Hard bone on soft nerve causes nerves to lose their ability to behave normally. This initiates a destructive cascade of events that inexorably diminishes the vitality of the body. Without sun, soil, and water, can a tree live? Without proper complement of life force, how would we live. In illness. In partial function. With disorganized metabolic and cellular behaviors which once named take their place in Dr Boyd’s text on pathology. Yet they are just names and descriptions of the myriad ways we literally disintegrate when vertebral subluxations choke our lifelines. So much for luck.

I could go on. And probably will. If you’ve read this far, I thank you. If you’re not sleeping well, perhaps rereading this could help. I believe that many of the problems we face today are due to lack of knowledge of the Law of Life. Nature needs no help, just no interference.

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